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NDN is your longest running source dedicated to Nina Dobrev and Fans since 2010. Nina's resume includes playing on Degrassi where she played a teen mom, to The Vampire Diaries where she got to tap into a world of many characters. Crossing over to the Big Screen to Let's Be Cops and working along side Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Check back for all the latest News, Photos and more on Miss Dobrev's Career.
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August 07, 2020  andrea No comments Site News

Happy Belated Anniversary Nina Dobrev Network

Celebrating 10 Years Online

Nina Dobrev Network Turned 10 Years Old in January due to the events of my life this past year I of course have not been around but I wanted to still Celebrate a little even though I know it’s really late but 10 years is truly amazing.

January 2010 I opened this site and I will say one thing if one person supported me most it was my mom she was always in my corner supporting me with my Fan Site Love and my love for Nina as well. She loved and adored Nina too and when I lost my mom in November I lost a part of me  too and that part of me sadly is with her. When you lose a parent you change who you are and I haven’t been the same since.

I want to thank each and every single one of you who have supported this site the past 10 years it means the absolute world to me, let’s keep supporting Nina and see where her career goes for another 10!!!

We have a new look as you can see here on the site and in the gallery Theme By Cherry Gem Design and Header by Headers Online both are absolutely gorgeous so thanks to them both for coming through for the site.


July 31, 2020  andrea No comments Site News

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated and a lot has happened in my personal life, if you follow Nina Dobrev Network on Twitter @nina_network you are most likely aware that my mother was sick last summer and it was real rough and sadly she passed away November 11th, 2019 a day that completely changed my life forever. Life has not been easy for me I’ve been stuck in a standstill for the past year since she wasn’t well last summer and really haven’t found a way to find the motivation for the site but I am doing my best to find it and hoping to resume updates soon.

January the site celebrated 10 years online and I promise to get to that soon it deserves nothing but the best for all those who have stuck by the site the past 10 years and I thank you all for being there it has always meant so much to me for your support for Nina and the site.

I can’t say this past year has been easy because it has not, not only did my mother pass away,  my cat did as well in April and I was laid off from my job in May due to COVID-19, but I am trying to remain strong as my mother did raise a strong woman at least I try to be strong because she wanted me to be.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during this pandemic I know these are very trying times but we must remain strong during these times. I love you all.


xoxo Andrea



May 13, 2019  andrea No comments Site News

We have a stunning new header thanks to the lovely Headers Online this time featuring Nina’s Story + Rain shoot which I really couldn’t pass it up. Theme by TTB

December 30, 2018  andrea No comments Site News

Nina Dobrev Network was Fansite of the Day at The Fan Carpet on December 14th, 2018 thank you so much it means a lot to me and is much appreciated!

November 03, 2018  andrea No comments Site News

We have a gorgeous new layout here thanks so much to Headers Online for the beautiful Header featuring Nina’s La Ligne shoot which I couldn’t resist I just had to have something for the site featuring it and the theme by Ten Thousand Beats I hope you all love it as much as me.

I wanted to also wish you all a very Happy November as well be sure to stay safe as the Holiday’s are approaching and of course keep checking back for Nina Updates I have many on the way as the site has been down for the past few days.

September 15, 2018  andrea Comments are off Site News

New Layout here at Nina Dobrev Network  done by the lovely Gemma at Gratrix Designs  I wanted something dark representing the upcoming Fall Season and she did just that for me.  This will be our last Layout change until January when NDN celebrates it’s 9th Year Online so get ready for it I am thinking of something exciting but saving the major things for the 10th anniversary of course.

I am still looking for Affiliates all types so if you have a Fan Site feel free to Apply

Also if you have anything you would like to donate to the site pictures, news or even monetary donations to keep the site going towards hosting, photos, layouts, future contest etc we accept those as well, anything helps as we strive to bring as much as we can.


July 29, 2018  andrea Comments are off Site News

Site Content Update:

I spent a very good portion of the weekend going through the web site giving it a little bit of a facelift and cleaning up around the pages and it looks a lot better.

While I was doing that I removed a few things that were out dated and I am in the process of adding some new features which I am excited about too.

A Few things I would like to welcome back are:

Updated Content:

I am far from done but this is just a start, I will continue to work on things little by little, keep checking back for new things to come.

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