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NDN is your longest running source dedicated to Nina Dobrev and Fans since 2010. Nina's resume includes playing on Degrassi where she played a teen mom, to The Vampire Diaries where she got to tap into a world of many characters. Crossing over to the Big Screen to Let's Be Cops and working along side Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Check back for all the latest News, Photos and more on Miss Dobrev's Career.
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Why Nina? This is just for fun simply Why Nina is why fans are fans of Nina! Read the awesome responses below and submit yours as well.

Nicole – I am a fan of Nina because she is one of those celebrites that cares about her fans a lot and shows it through her twitter. She is clearly devoted to her work as an actress and does it because she truely loves it and not for money. She is beautiful on the inside and out. She is a wonderful actress and does a fantastic job portraying characters in movies/tv shows. I am mostly a fan of Nina Dobrev because she is down-to-earth and real. She is not a fake and is not trying to change who she is for someone else, which I admire a lot. I think Nina is a all around good person and a fantastic role model for people of all ages as well. 🙂

Melody – I am a fan of Nina because i have seen her determination and passion for the arts. Her success show that if you keep your eyes on the prize and never give up, you will reach your goal. She has influenced me to follow my dreams which is one of the reasons I am a fan. Also she is so grateful for her fans and tries her hardest to stay connected to them. Either through fan mail, interviews, twitter, and even meet n’ greets. This is why I am a fan of Nina Dobrev. Nina ROX!!!

Bee – I’m a fan of Nina because she is sooo talented and plays two characters at the same time (really, who could ever do that?), because she is a beautiful, fun and nice girl, but above all because she’s such a normal girl, she’s not dazzled by the lights of Hollywood, by the fame, she still hangs out with her friends and spends holidays with her family, she’s always very grateful for the success that the show has (and she has), but she doesn’t behave as if she deserves that, she’s not snob and she’s always kind with the fans. Those are the reasons why I love Nina.

Amber Well Nina is amazing, talented, beautiful. And the best actress in the entire universe. I just love her so much and I love watching The Vampire Diaries, cuz she plays Elena and Katherine amazing and so different from one another, just amazing. There are not many actresses that can pull it off, but Nina can. And every movie she plays in is just amazing :).
Regina – So, why do I love Nina? Let’s start with the beginning. When I first watched Nina was on “The American Mall”. I didn’t even know who she was and I guess I never bothered to know. Then when I started watching TVD in April 2010 I started liking her because she was very pretty and I loved Elena & Stefan. And in September, when season 2 began and Kat came along, I completely fell in love with Nina! I decided to do some research about her and I’ve already seen her on Degrassi and other shows where she made some one-episode apperances. And this girl is amazing!! I was so surprised when I found out she was only 21! She’s so young and already such a great actress! Right now she’s my favourite actress in the whole world! Funny thing: when I watch TVD, I’m aware that Elena is portraied by Nina but Katherine… she simply exists! And that shows all the talent Nina has! I hope to see more of her in the future! (:

I am a fan of Nina because she’s just an amazing person:
She’s an awesome actress (I only say: “Katherine”).
Nina has a very nice and loving personality.
She is a very talented and beautiful young lady!
You are my role model, Nina!

Al – I’m a fan of nina because she is my celeb crush and i think she is an awesome actress as well. Though i never met her in person she seems like she is a very very nice and cool person as well, so that is another reason i’m a fan. She is also multi talented as well, she can sing pretty well, and act two different roles in the same tv show. Also she is super cute and pretty =D

Victoria – Why Nina? Well, she is canadian just like myself. I am told I look alot like her, evan though im 8 years youger. She has the same dream that I once had. I realized acting can no longer be my drive, but I am so glad nina didnt. She is so gorgoeus and I hope to be like her when I grow up. Her acting is phenominal and it is my dream to meet her. I would do anything! I am a fan of all her work, and hope that Vampire Diaries can go on for many seasons. So that is why nina is my idol, and hope more then ever that I can meet her. <3 Team Stelena

Adrean – Just watch her snaps in and out of 3 completely diff characters in one episode is enough said why i luv her!!!

Anna – The reason why I love and admire her is because she is everything what I ever wanted to be: She can play the piano – I always wanted to play the piano but I can’t.
She is the most beautiful girl all over the world and I can just be jealous of her because she achieved everything I will probably never achieve. Nina can act so good, she can be proud of herself. I can’t believe it! I even don’t notice that Katherine and Elena are played by the same person-I mean, at that moment I forget that Nina is playing both. You’re noticing immediately if she’s playing Katherine or Elena. I don’t understsnd how she’s doing that but I’m  a big fan of Nna Dobrev cuz she has the smoothest and nicest hair, she acts super she looks perfect and she can be lucky to live such a life!! I ADMIRE you Nina!!

Noémie I’m a fan of Nina because she’s so natural,lovely and energic, she knows where the priorities are in the life and she takes care about her fans, thinking it’s important. She’s young and fresh, and she can keeps the balance by her alimentation, her job, etc. She’s a too good actress too, and she takes care of earth. She speaks Bulgarian, French and English.I’m from Quebec and my first language is the French so. I’m her fan not by her role on TVD. I’m her fan for her, for the girl who’s Nina Dobrev, because she’s so amazing! She’s talented, beautiful and charismatic. Her laugh is real, when she speaks she’s real too, and we are enchant. For all this reasons, I admire her and i’m proud to be her fan. My dream is to meet her one day, and talk with her. She’s just AMAZING! I love you Nina!

Lucy – She is very cool! All Poland loves her! She is very very pretty and very funny! I like her videos from studio of TVD. I like also her roles (like Katerina). I LIKE HER SO MUCH!!! ;-3

Lidija – I think that beside the fact that she’s GORGEOUS, she really has a talent for acting- i would really love that one day she becomes one of the top10 actresses in Hollywood, because she has what is needed for that!

Aleks – Why Nina ? Why not? .. 1st of all she’s Bulgarian same as me so that’s why. 2nd of all deffinetly a future Hollywood actress … I mean her acting is great .. especially in the Vampire Diaries, she plays Elena and Kathrine.. which not many actresses can do . believe me . 3rd but not least .. she’s a very good looking. Combine all 3 and you get a future Golden Globe winner..
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