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It seemed only appropriate that we ask The Vampire DiariesNina Dobrev her secret to healthy skin — and looking totally refreshed — at an early-morning event for Origins’ latest product, the GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer ($27). The brunette starlet just finished filming the fourth season of her hit CW series, and made a quick pit stop in NYC before officially embarking on her Summer adventures. Read on for what she revealed about her skin care routine, the weirdest beauty treatment she’s tried (recently), and what she can’t leave the house without.

1. On her skin care routine:
Nina spends much of her days on the Vampire Diaries set in full hair and makeup, so it makes sense that she takes her skin care routine very seriously. “Even when it looks like I’m not wearing much makeup, I totally am. So, as soon as I’m done on set — I don’t even wait until I get home — I’ll use a makeup wipe, wash my face, and then use a hot towel. I use it to let my skin breathe, let the pores open up, and then I put tons of moisturizer on.”

2. On her mom’s beauty advice:
Mother knows best, right? “My mom told me once that if you put an egg in your hair, it will make it supershiny.” In fact, Nina’s mom is onto something — our favorite DIY hair recipe masks serve as further proof. Continue Reading at Pop Sugar


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Interviews, Media, Nina News ♦ March 13, 2013

Nina appeared on Conan last night, sadly I was living in a different universe and didn’t catch it on my DVR, hoping they eventually replay it for now here are the clips from Conan. Enjoy!

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Interviews, Vampire Diaries ♦ February 23, 2013


How long did you know this was coming?
We knew when we made the decision to make Elena a vampire that we needed to get her to the place of utter and complete loss and tragedy and darkness so that we could take her down the road of being a vampire without humanity. And so we knew that we were going to be sacrificing somebody we loved when we started the season, and very early on in the season, we made the decision about who that was going to be. Then we asked ourselves a lot of questions and debated but ultimately stuck to it.
Did you anticipate most of the fans writing off Jeremy’s death as a fake-out? Many of them were actually like Elena, now that I think about it — total denial.
That’s what we wanted to do, truthfully. We wanted to end the previous episode with Jeremy’s death, but I said as I was writing the script that [I knew] the ride I wanted the audience to be on in this episode. The instant that episode 14 was over, the very first thing somebody was going to say is, “No, wait! Was he wearing his ring?” Then somebody else was going to say, “Wait, the ring doesn’t work anymore.” Then somebody else was going to say, “But what if it does? You never know.” And we wanted to dramatize all those questions because on this show, death is not always final. And we do have this sort of reputation for turning a story on its head and surprising people. So we wanted to play those questions so that as Elena came to terms with reality and what had happened, so too, would the audience. Continue Reading at EW

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Interviews, Media ♦ September 10, 2012

Watch the Video below things didn’t work out too well on YT the videos got taken down 🙁 head over to Neenz The Vision!

HD Captures have also been added to the gallery check them out.

Gallery Link:

– Nina Dobrev Network > Tv Appearances > Late Night > Chelsea Lately 9-10-2012

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