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The Vampire Diaries March 10th 2017
as Elena Gilbert & Katherine Pierce
Will be returning for the series finale!

xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage In Theaters January 20th!
as Rebecca
Nina will play a witty and sarcastic techie and she will be one of the female leads.

Crash Pad Post-Production 2017
as Hannah
A hopeless romantic who thinks he's found true love with an older woman, only to learn that she's married and that his fling is merely an instrument of revenge against her neglectful husband.

Flatliners Post-Production 2017
as Marlo
Nina will play an an overachiever who is at the top of her class.

Departures 2017-2018?
as Izzy
Details coming soon.

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Vampire Diaries prepares for It’s Final Bow, Elena Gilbert’s Crying…

Posted on: Mar 9 2017    •    Filed in: Articles ,Vampire Diaries    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: Comments Off on Vampire Diaries prepares for It’s Final Bow, Elena Gilbert’s Crying…

ELENA GILBERT’S CRYING. Standing in the Mystic Falls cemetery where she’s said many goodbyes — and even a few hellos — Elena’s surrounded by everyone she loves. Well, almost everyone. One person is missing. Did we forget to mention that this is a funeral?

It’s a sunny January day in Atlanta as the Vampire Diaries cast films its last group scene in the woods. In between takes, there’s laughter and excited whispers about who’s in town for the upcoming wrap party, but when showrunner Julie Plec, the director of the show’s final hour, calls “Action,” an emotional fog sets in. This is a goodbye — and it’s a big one. “We wanted to go big, emotionally, with the action, and with the spectacular of it,” says Plec, who co-wrote the episode with co-creator Kevin Williamson. “We were absolutely feeling epic.”

When The Vampire Diaries premiered on The CW in 2009, it found itself smack in the middle of the vampire craze. With the success of both Twilight and True Blood, this was network television’s chance to see if fans still thirsted for blood, and when the Vampire Diaries pilot attracted the largest audience of any series premiere in CW history at that time, all signs pointed to yes. “I remember being in Vancouver with Ian [Somerhalder],” Zach Roerig, who plays Matt, says of filming the pilot. “In the hair and makeup trailer, Ian’s like, ‘Hey, kid, get ready for the ride of your life.’” Somerhalder adds: “Twilight was very much the zeitgeist of pop culture. There was just that sense that the market desired this genre. This material was going to work.” Continue Reading at EW

Katherine BIG BAD for Series Finale, Nina returned for both roles.

Posted on: Mar 7 2017    •    Filed in: Vampire Diaries    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: 0

Why is Katherine the perfect villain to end the series with?
Julie Plec:
Well, when you think about it, Katherine is the villain who launched the series. We didn’t know it at the time, but she was the reason our brothers were vampires. Their shared love for her was the thing that put them at odds, which was then repeated 145 years later with Elena. She has had a hand in the torture, discomfort and/or misery of pretty much every single regular character that’s ever crossed through the doors of Mystic Falls. And so to be able to bring it full circle and say that she is the ultimate Big Bad was an idea that made us so excited when we landed on it. And we were really happy we were able to get Nina back so we could execute it.

How early in the episode does Elena wake up? Will we get to spend a lot of time with her?
Plec: I’m not going to speak about at what point she wakes up, but I will say that between Elena and Katherine there is quite a lot of screentime. And I think fans who are excited to see Nina back are going to be really happy with what they get.

Damon has been through so much since Elena was put in her magical coma. What is it like for him to see her again and experience this moment he’s imagined so often?
Plec: I think poor Damon has just been knocked down and dragged through the mud so much in his efforts to be the kind of man he wants to be for her return in allegedly 80 years, that seeing her right right now in the present is shocking and probably a little bit of a concern for him that he’s not quite there, that he’s not quite ready for her yet. Continue Reading at TV Guide

ET Share’s Exclusive Video of Damon & Elena’s Reunion

Posted on: Mar 7 2017    •    Filed in: Media ,Vampire Diaries    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: 0

The Return of The Vampire Diaries: Season 8 is Confirmed for the UK

Posted on: Mar 7 2017    •    Filed in: Nina News ,Vampire Diaries    •    Posted by: Jason      Comments: Comments Off on The Return of The Vampire Diaries: Season 8 is Confirmed for the UK

ITV has confirmed within the last few days that The Vampire Diaries: Season 8 will return from its mid-season break on ITV2 in the UK, although it will be at the very late time of 11.55pm on Tuesday night, March 14th 2017. Even though everyone in the UK has had to wait since December 21st 2016 for the eighth episode of season 8 titled We Have History Together to air; we can now rejoice in the knowledge that we finally get to see the last nine episodes of our favourite television series and find out exactly how Nina returns as both Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the season finale.

Just make sure to avoid spoilers as the final-ever episode of The Vampire Diaries will air in America on The CW on Friday, March 10th 2017.

Nina on Workaholics 7.08 Termidate HD Captures & Clips

Posted on: Mar 5 2017    •    Filed in: Appearances ,Media    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: 0

If you missed Nina’s appearance on Workaholics the other night you can download it now, and be sure to check out the HD Captures in the gallery as well. It was a funny appearance she made playing Courtnee in the Final Season of Workaholics. What did you all think for those who watched? Post your thoughts in the comments.

Gallery Link:

Download Videos:

Please right click each image below and Save Target As or Save Link As

The Vampire Diaries | Forever Yours Trailer – The Final Episode

Posted on: Mar 4 2017    •    Filed in: Vampire Diaries    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: Comments Off on The Vampire Diaries | Forever Yours Trailer – The Final Episode

8 years and it all comes to one last episode Friday…I’m really not ready to say goodbye, for 8 years, we have been with these characters on our TV’s in homes all over the world, welcoming them into our lives, and now we have to say goodbye. I am so glad Nina has came back to reprise her roles one last time it is going to be bittersweet and I know we will all be crying together on Friday. I could go on and on but I’ll save that for later. Enjoy the Trailer.

Workaholics Airs Tonight + Teaser

Posted on: Mar 1 2017    •    Filed in: Media ,Nina News    •    Posted by: andrea      Comments: Comments Off on Workaholics Airs Tonight + Teaser

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