vampire-diaries-season-6-spoilersWith Elena’s boyfriend and best friend gone to Plec-knows-where, Nina Dobrev tells TVLine that her character’s choices in The Vampire Diaries‘ sixth season “will ultimately define who she is.” And that’s not necessarily a good thing.

Below, Dobrev discusses Elena’s “odd” response to Damon’s apparent death in Thursday’s premiere (The CW, 8/7c) and addresses some major developments — like why the heck Elena and Stefan are holding hands in the official Season 6 poster.

TVLINE | Elena looks to be at her lowest point in Season 6, which must be rough for you as an actress. Has this been some of your most intense work yet?
Weirdly no. To be honest, the past six years have kind of blurred together. I can’t even separate specific episodes as being more difficult than others, though I’ve definitely had difficult experiences that have pushed me as an actress. This is just another one of those experiences. I mean, Jeremy’s died, Bonnie’s died, my parents have died, I’ve died — about three or four times — so I’ve had to go through a lot on this show. It’s like actor boot camp, I love it. Continue Reading at TV Line

My Brother’s Keeper

Elena Gilbert has lost a lot of loved ones in the past five seasons. Not only did The Vampire Diaries start with the death of her adoptive parents, but from there, she lost friends, an aunt, birth parents, a caregiver, and her brother. But in the season 5 finale, she experienced a new sort of loss when Damon, the man she loved, died.

However, as fans of the show now know, Damon might have died, but he is by no means gone. (And the same goes for Bonnie.) So where we will we find Damon and Elena when we pick back up for season 6? Physically, they’re in two very different places. And emotionally? Well, the same rules apply.  Continue Reading at EW

Tonight is the night you all The Vampire Diaries Returns finally for Season 6! Let’s get ready for some epicness to return to our screens!

Mystic Falls is a very different place when “The Vampire Diaries” returns for Season 6 Thursday (Oct. 2) on The CW — a spell that eliminated magic within its city limits has exiled all supernatural creatures from the former magical hotbed. Here’s what you can expect in the premiere:

No more magic in Mystic Falls.
There’s a force field around the city preventing magic from being performed — and supernatural creatures from even stepping foot within the town border. It’s like “Under the Dome,” except it’s not actually a dome. At least we don’t think so. That said, supernatural stuff can happen just outside the border. And it does.

Jeremy in a downward spiral. Jeremy hasn’t been the best at dealing with his myriad issues in the past, so it makes sense that he’s coping with Bonnie’s death (maybe? We don’t know where she is!) by getting wasted and hooking up with random chicks. Continue Reading at Zap 2 It

The Vampire Diaries season six kicks off with Mystic Falls still a magic-free zone and the whereabouts of Damon and Bonnie still a mystery. When Vampire Diaries returns, several months will have passed since Damon and Bonnie disappeared, with Elena and company moving on with their lives with varying degrees of success outside of Mystic Falls. Calibrating the follow-up to the emotional May finale weighed heavily on the writers.

“When we started this season, [there was a fear that] it’s going to be such a downer, we’re ending it in such a sad spot. How can we reinvigorate the show and keep it feeling fresh and alive and not so heavy to start with?” executive producer Caroline Dries recently told a handful of reporters, citing the season-five premiere — which featured Damon and Elena in a honeymoon phase — as a tonal guide for the season-six opener. “Our solution was to have Elena being in this happy alternate reality in her own mind.”  Continue Reading

Finally some Episode Stills featuring Nina from The Vampire Diaries have been released, it sucks none from 6×01 or 6×02 have her in them but at least we finally got something and she looks freaking amazing in them!

Gallery Link:

- Nina Dobrev Network > The Vampire Diaries > Season 6 > Episode Stills > 6×03 Welcome to Paradise

We knew a Vampire Diaries-Originals crossover was in the works, and now we know which actor will be making the transition: The doppelganger of all doppelgangers, Nina Dobrev.

EW has confirmed that Dobrev will be heading to the fifth episode of The Originals‘ second season as Tatia. Fans of The Vampire Diaries might recognize that name from the season 3 dinner that brought the Mikaelson brothers and the Salvatore brothers together.

Over the aforementioned dinner, Klaus and Elijah explained the “allure” of the Petrova doppelganger by taking things back to the original doppelganger—Tatia. Not only were both Klaus and Elijah in love with Tatia, but it was Esther who later killed Tatia in order to use her blood for the spell that would stop Klaus from becoming a hybrid.

In an interview with E! Online, showrunner Julie Plec revealed that Tatia will appear in a flashback during the Originals episode airing Nov. 3.

Continue Reading at EW

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