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Nina’s really keeping busy lately with promoting xXx:Return of Xander cage and she dished on a few things with today along with doing a beautiful photoshoot as well for the piece, check out a few things below and view the rest of the article at the

Her favorite scenes to film:

“The group scenes were probably my favorite. Whenever the whole group’s together we can play off each other. In between the takes, we would make jokes and get to know each other. The cast is so multi-cultural that I personally learned a lot about different places that I didn’t know about—little fun facts. Now I feel like I have homes in so many different countries because we all became very close. I’m welcome in all of their living rooms [laughs] and they’re welcome in mine as well.”

How those prank wars started with Ruby Rose:

“I was bragging about being the best prankster, that I could scare anyone and no one could ever scare me. So she said, ‘Challenge accepted.’ When she said that I immediately, that same day after we wrapped, ran to her trailer and hid behind a cupboard so when she entered, I scared the living bejeebus out of her. That sparked a whole war. She put the head shots of herself in my trailer and I put the crabs in her trailer, because she was crabby with me on set. We kept on going back and forth for a long time. At the end of it, we were both terrified and couldn’t leave our trailers because we thought the other one was plotting something at all times. Which we were.”

On her upcoming film, Flatliners:

“The film is so beloved. Any time I mention it to anybody, everybody knows about it and has fond memories. This new take is sort of a departure from the last one, in that technology has changed so much, and the advancements in medicine—doctors can actually do a lot of things we do in the film. It’s a lot more grounded in reality, and our director, Niels Arden Oplev, who directed the [original] Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, is a stickler for detail. He wanted it to be as real as possible, so we had to go through three weeks of medical training. I had to learn to play the cello and do swim lessons and all these crazy things. It was a blast. I had a great time.”

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Nina News ♦ January 17, 2017

I can die happy. @ninadobrev #michaelkeaton @jimmyfallon #FallonTonight

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Ladies and gentleman… I think we found a booger. #fallontonight @ninadobrev

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Appearances, Nina News ♦ January 16, 2017

Nina will be on Tonight Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tomorrow night at 11:35/10:35c so be sure to tune in!

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Media, Nina News ♦ January 13, 2017

Change is good… ?? My new do. #TheDObrev @riawnacapri

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Appearances, Nina News ♦ January 11, 2017

On January 18th Nina will be on Live with Kelly and on January 19th she will be on The Late Late Show With James Corden, so be sure to set your recorders and tune in!

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Articles, Nina News ♦ January 10, 2017

We’ll start with the bad news: Nina Dobrev is no longer your long-haired source of beach wave inspiration. The good news? You’re about to be running to your hairstylist for an entirely new look. Because after years of sporting her enviable long, brown, perfectly-curled locks, the star has just made one of her most major hair moves yet, revealing (drumroll) a bob at the xXx: Return of Xander Cage premiere in London.

The star’s longtime hairstylist Riawna Capri tells PeopleStyle of the short, choppy cut, “Nina has been itching to cut her hair off for years, even before the big trend started. It’s 2017, new year, her birthday is Jan 9, so we did a birthday chop!” Read More at People!

How do you feel about Nina’s new do? Do you love it? I personally think it looks amazing on her.

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