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What style did you like best for Nina Dobrev’s first appearances of 2014?

Posted by andrea in Jan 13,2014 with 1 Comment

Nina had some gorgeous looks in the past week from the Events that she attended. You can vote on what style you liked best.

The 40th Annual People's Choice Awards - Red Carpet  extra2014


What Style did you like best?

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The Vampire Diaries Video of the Week Elena Gilbert [4x16] | is darker..a better version of me…

Posted by andrea in Mar 22,2013 with 1 Comment

This amazing video was done by SweetAndBitterCherry I loved it and felt it really needed to be shown to everyone who visits the site.

New Video of the Week – The Vampire Diaries – We Are Timeless

Posted by andrea in Feb 23,2013 with 5 Comments

Elena may of lost the most on The Vampire Diaries but everyone on the show has lost someone, this video is simply amazing and captures all that. One of my favorite vidders made it and dedicated it to her father, I am so sorry sweetie my thoughts are with you always. Bombonrosa <3

New Fan Video of the Week :’( for blue skies | jeremy&elena

Posted by andrea in Feb 15,2013 with 6 Comments

This was the perfect video for Fan Video of the Week, especially after last night’s episode. Check it out, get the tissues, I’m sorry.

Amazing job ChemAttraction on Youtube.

Fan Video of the Week Stefan + Elena | “Do it. Erase it all.”

Posted by andrea in Jan 21,2013 with 1 Comment