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Site News ♦ July 31, 2020

It’s been over a year since I’ve updated and a lot has happened in my personal life, if you follow Nina Dobrev Network on Twitter @nina_network you are most likely aware that my mother was sick last summer and it was real rough and sadly she passed away November 11th, 2019 a day that completely changed my life forever. Life has not been easy for me I’ve been stuck in a standstill for the past year since she wasn’t well last summer and really haven’t found a way to find the motivation for the site but I am doing my best to find it and hoping to resume updates soon.

January the site celebrated 10 years online and I promise to get to that soon it deserves nothing but the best for all those who have stuck by the site the past 10 years and I thank you all for being there it has always meant so much to me for your support for Nina and the site.

I can’t say this past year has been easy because it has not, not only did my mother pass away,  my cat did as well in April and I was laid off from my job in May due to COVID-19, but I am trying to remain strong as my mother did raise a strong woman at least I try to be strong because she wanted me to be.

I hope you are all staying healthy and safe during this pandemic I know these are very trying times but we must remain strong during these times. I love you all.


xoxo Andrea



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