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Gallery, Vampire Diaries ♦ October 28, 2010

Every week Vampire Diaries gets better and better the show has an amazing writing team but not only that an amazing cast that knows how to act! Nina though has been kicking ass so badly this season its crazy each week she is blowing me away and leaving me at the edge of my seat by her performance as Elena and Katherine , I don’t know HOW she does it but she does and she does one hell of a job, Thank YOU Nina for entertaining us each week we all love you for it!

Now enough blabbing about how amazing this show is and Nina is, time for captures from tonights amazing episode you can check them out in the gallery and enjoy! Clips will be up later tonight so check back.

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– The Vampire Diaries > Season 2 > Captures > 2.07 Masquerade

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    [Nina Dobrev Network] 2.07 Masquerade Captures

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