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NDN is your longest running source dedicated to Nina Dobrev and Fans since 2010. Nina's resume includes playing on Degrassi where she played a teen mom, to The Vampire Diaries where she got to tap into a world of many characters. Crossing over to the Big Screen to Let's Be Cops and working along side Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Check back for all the latest News, Photos and more on Miss Dobrev's Career.
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Photo Courtesy of Natalie

July 24 2010 was an amazing day.  A while back I purchased tickets for Comic Con but Saturday, the day I really wanted, was sold out so I bought Friday and hoped I could change my ticket closer to the day. I wasn’t able to, but it worked out even better because I met someone on Friday willing to get me a Saturday guest pass. It was so kind of them and I owe them forever!

The Vampire Diaries signing was at 2:30 at the WB booth. I got to the booth around 12:30 wanting to find out exactly what time people would be lining up. The security guard for the WB to be back around 2:00 when everyone started lining up. I didn’t wanna risk leaving and getting lost, not being able to get back as the convention center is HUGE, so i stayed close by. About 1:30 one of my friends met up with me and we waited.

The cast showed at 2:30, and my friend and I prepared to be in line, as we had to been told we’d be allowed to go first, but we should wait off to the side. Well one of the volunteers manning the lines forgot I was considered part of the line and started to let people in. They wanted to give me an autographed poster, but the security lady for the WB found out and was FURIOUS! She immediately sprung into action telling them we’d been waiting in line for two hours and we had the right to go first. It was so sweet of her to defend me but I was a little scared. LOL my friend Candace and I were behind one or two other girls. I got to the line and met Matt, Michael, and Paul first, they were all so nice and sweet and I had a birthday present for Paul since it was his birthday the day before, he was so touched and said thank you very much.

Next to paul was Nina, and when she saw me, her face broke into a huge smile,  she got really excited and said ‘Oh my gosh, its so good to see you again! how are you?’. I barely got out ‘good to see you too. thanks’ before she turned to paul and excitedly squealed ‘this is the girl I told you about that came to my birthday party in vegas! We have the same birthday!”. I was so shocked I didn’t know what to say, so I just nodded at Paul who said ‘oh ok cool’. LOL then she said ‘thank you so much for my book’, because my friend Jess who lives where they film made every cast member a scrapbook with experiences and I had written up about meeting her in Las Vegas. I knew she meant ‘thank you for my page’, so I  just said ‘you’re welcome. i’m glad you liked your background too’. ( I made the background on her twitter) she grinned and said ‘yes i love it! but now i need a katherine and elena one too!’. I nodded and said ‘ok sure. i’ll work on one for you’ and she said ‘yay! i can’t wait!”.  I had also brought her a present, a chain with an ‘N’ in a wooden box- so i gave that to her and said it was for her and she said thank you very much! and i continued on with the rest of the line.

It was an amazing encounter! Nina really is one of the kindest sweetest individuals in the world!

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