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NDN is your longest running source dedicated to Nina Dobrev and Fans since 2010. Nina's resume includes playing on Degrassi where she played a teen mom, to The Vampire Diaries where she got to tap into a world of many characters. Crossing over to the Big Screen to Let's Be Cops and working along side Vin Diesel in xXx: Return of Xander Cage. Check back for all the latest News, Photos and more on Miss Dobrev's Career.
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February 23, 2012  andrea No comments Donations, Site News

It’s that time of month again and the server is due on March 1st and the site is in need of Donations Please to stay Online. Hopefully only a few more months of needing Donations and things will be back to normal and I’ll be able to handle the server cost myself again.

It’s $97 so any amount is always greatly appreciated and helps towards the sites hosting. Thank You all so much for the help with keeping NDN online I appreciate it more then you know.

$97 raised thanks to Ruth,Jodi Vera,Ruthie, and Michele for keeping NDN Online for March!

January 29, 2012  andrea No comments Donations, Site News

With living pretty much on my own now it’s been hard to get fully back into the swing of things yet and hard to afford the monthly hosting for the site, I am hoping things are back to normal soon and I no longer need to ask for help with the monthly hosting.

The Server is due on February 1st and NDN needs to raise $97 any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated as always, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for helping keep NDN Online. Donations Reached thanks so much Samantha for donating and helping out NDN For February!

November 28, 2011  andrea No comments Donations, Site News

Hey You All, I hate to ask for donations but I just got done moving so I am having issues right now gathering up the funds for December Hosting which is due on December 1st and is $97 so if anyone could kindly help out Nina Dobrev Network it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

Amount Raised, Thanks so much!

Thanks Jodi, Ruth, Equi , Al, Hannah and Victoria!

August 27, 2011  andrea No comments Donations, Site News

Hey you all NDN hosting is due on Sept 1st for $97 , I need to raise about $67 of that to come up with it, so I am asking if anyone can donate anything please, it would be greatly appreciated or to make it easier if you’d like I have Wristband Sets For Sale if you would like to purchase one and that would help towards the Sept Goal as well. Thanks so much in advance.

I will edit this post with the statuses of donations , I appreciate it so much, also keep in mind Paypal takes out a fee so I will post the amount after that fee.

$58.00 To go!

List of Donators Thanks So Much!
Laura – $4.50
Ruth – $4.50

December 29, 2010  andrea 6 comments Donations

If your interested in contributing for more outtakes from the Seventeen shoot that I recently posted it would be greatly appreciated, if you contribute let me know what paypal address is your and put your email so I can send you some photos Untagged that I get for you contributing.

I don’t usually ask for donations for site related stuff around here I usually pay out of my pocket but with Christmas of course things are a bit tight till after the New Year which is understandable of course.

Also I am positive Nina will be at the Peoples Choice Awards next week with TVD cast so I’ll need to be able to buy sources to get photos for that. Any amount is appreciated and will go on our credit page under donators.

July 12, 2010  andrea 4 comments Donations, Fans, Icon Archive

Thanks so much to Danny for contributing Icons for the Icon Archive they are stunning so head on over and check them out, you can also donate as well!

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