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Interviews ♦ May 13, 2010 This must have been the craziest year for you.
Nina Dobrev: Yeah! It’s been pretty crazy, literally an entire year since we first started the pilot. This time last year I was at my first CW upfronts and here we are in Season 2, starting in a couple of months. It’s just been doing so well; it’s so nice and refreshing. It’s what everyone always hopes for – they want their show to be successful and for people to enjoy it.

TVG: As a younger star, how do you stay grounded? Because we always hear these stories of young people reaching stardom and going a bit crazy.
ND: I don’t know, it’s not really something that I necessarily thought about — I didn’t sit down and make a checklist on how to stay grounded. It’s just not taking myself too seriously and I guess my upbringing has to do with it. I have a really cool mom who I talk to all the time and I hang out with and she flies down to see me in Atlanta. And I think that’s a lot of it too, the fact that we shoot in Georgia instead of a big city like L.A. or New York. We’re kind of away from all the media and the press and the temptation.

TVG: And maybe when you’re hanging out on a bridge and it makes the news, it doesn’t necessarily become an international story.
ND: (Laughs.) Yeah — that kind of stuff … it really made me realize being in the spotlight on a show that has this much publicity and how many people watch it, how much the media sensationalises and how many stories are made up out of nowhere. Like that story! People can write anything they want and put it on the Internet. It makes me laugh what people can make up. Continue Reading

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