The Vampire Diaries’ Hot Hookup from E! Online “I totally AGREE!”

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The Cell

Warning: We’re about to run down the biggest TV moments from Thursday night. If you don’t want to be spoiled on a particular show, skip to the next!

The Vampire Diaries: C’mon, we all knew this was coming. After an episode-long battle to help Stefan get over his PTSD (and rehashing old Elena wounds), Katherine moves in for the kill. Did we say kill? We mean kiss. Yes, Katherine and Stefan wound up passionately making out (and maybe more?) by episode’s end. And guess who overheard all of it? Caroline. And she can’t wait to tell Elena. And speaking of…

Damon and Elena are finally reunited, except it’s in Maxfield’s torture chamber after the doc drugs and kidnaps Elena, so it’s not that romantic. Damon was a prisoner there back in the 1950′s, and only escaped thanks to his fellow prisoner Enzo. But when Damon managed to take over Dr. Whitmore and escape, he left Enzo behind to die. Also part of his revenge on the Whitmore’s is killing every descendant throughout the years. We found out in this episode that Aaron is actually a Whitmore, which explains why he was losing all his loved ones recently: Damon’s killing spree. So no one is surprised when Aaron shoots Damon in the head when he goes to confront the Salvatore bro while he’s in the cell with Elena. When Damon wakes up, Elena is gone. Where is she? Oh, just strapped to a gurney in the lab. And she’s not alone. Enzo is there, too, very much not dead like Damon originally thought. Source E! Online 

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