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Departures, Then Came You ♦ September 13, 2018

Departures changed to Then Came You

No longer called Departures now Then Came You, making it’s premiere at the 2018 Woodstock Film Festival October 12th and 13th you can purchase tickets here.

Calvin (Asa Butterfield) is a hypochondriac who’s dropped out of college and is working as an airport baggage handler with his dad (David Koechner) and brother (Tyler Hoechlin). When his doctor sends him to a cancer support group to gain some real perspective, he meets Skye (Maisie Williams), a British teenager with a terminal illness. She enlists him to help her carry out her eccentric bucket list, and in return she helps him talk to his crush, a flight attendant named Izzy (Nina Dobrev). Ken Jeong, Sonya Walger, Peyton List, and Tituss Burgess also star.


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Gallery, Interviews, Nina News ♦ September 12, 2018

Coveteur Cover Story

Nina is Coveteur First Cover Story you can check out a preview below and read the rest at their site:


When are you your most creatively inspired?

“On planes. I’m shut off to the world, I don’t connect to wifi typically. That’s when I get my creative juice going. Also, when I sleep I’ll wake up in the middle of the night and be inspired by dreams. I always have a notepad next to my bed and I write things down. Sometimes, my handwriting is crystal clear…. and sometimes it’s indecipherable. It’s funny how that works. And another is my writing partner. We wrote a script and a lot of our ideas are boozy. [Laughs] We’ll have a glass of wine and hang in the hot tub.”

You seem to be pretty spontaneous, where does that trait come from?

“It was definitely the way I was raised. My parents and I and my brother would go on road trips when we were little. I would travel to Europe to see my grandparents. I feel like there is so much out there and I just want to experience all of it as much as I can. And, because I was on a show for so long for so many months, when you’re on set or when you’re shooting the schedule is so regimented. Everything is planned to the minute, people are around you all the time. So when I’m not working I like doing the polar opposite: disappear somewhere, go as far away as possible, away from people I know and experience new cultures and new countries and immerse myself in a different environment and not have a schedule and not plan things.” Continue Reading

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Les Mills, Reebok ♦ September 12, 2018

Here is a look at the Dance #LIKENINA Playlist that they have put together for us which you can get here.


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Gallery, Vampire Diaries ♦ September 07, 2018

It has been awhile since we have had anything The Vampire Diaries related come our way with Nina but yesterday for Throw Back Thursday Nina shared some awesome photos on her Twitter and Instagram and some were old but new to us of course from 2×04 Memory Lane she looked gorgeous as Katherine in them check them out one Episode Still and one Behind the Scene of her reading her lines.


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Gallery, Nina News ♦ September 04, 2018

Burning Man

Nina spent an awesome weekend at the Burning Man Festival really being Free like a Bird and enjoying the most out of life and it truly shows. Nina shared on her instagram her time at Burning Man through her stories along with photos check out the images below along with some videos compiled together from her stories.

She hung out with friends along with celebrities Gerard Butler and Lukas Haas. She danced to Abba, saw her Unicorns <3, wore a pink wig which she truly was digging a lot. All around Nina seemed to of had an amazing time and we admire that love for life she has.


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Gallery ♦ September 04, 2018

The Endings

Back in 2012 Nina did a photo shoot for a book that has now been released called The Endings: Photographic Stories of Love, Loss, Heartbreak, and Beginning Again which is actually pretty amazing. You can purchase your hard copy or download a digital copy to your phone.

I have added photos to the gallery from Nina’s part in the book and along with the story that goes with it:


“She finds everything about him alluring. Even though she knew he’d break it, she gave him her heart. She stalks him — but he drove her to it.”

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Les Mills ♦ September 03, 2018

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