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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 05, 2018

Set Interviews

Nina dishes on her character, her love for her dog and so much more in this on set interview below from her upcoming movie Dog Days.

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Dog Days ♦ August 04, 2018

Dog Days Date

Less than a week away Dog Days Date(s) will be pawing down theaters all over so get ready to be taken  for a walk by this adorable movie for the entire family.

Dog Days will be out August 8th, but tomorrow is the WORLD PREMIERE in Westfield Century City in LA.

A New Clip from the Movie has been released along with a new Production Still thanks to Beautiful Ballad for posting.

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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 03, 2018


Vanessa and Nina discuss on how their dogs help them flirt watch below to find out all the details!

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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 03, 2018

Miami News 7

Nina and Vanessa were very busy yesterday making their rounds, they stopped by Miami News 7 to dish out more details about Dog Days, watch the video below.

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Appearances ♦ August 02, 2018

THE LATE SHOW with Stephen Colbert

Press Release today from CBS Nina will be on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert promoting Dog Days so be sure to tune in.  11:35 PM – 12:37 AM, ET/PT

*Wednesday, August 8 Jim Acosta; Nina Dobrev (n)

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Dog Days, Interviews, Media ♦ August 02, 2018

Despierta America

Nina and Vanessa stopped by Despierta America in Miami, Florida today to promote Dog Days together which opens up August 8th!

They of course discussed the movie, and how they did not work together on the movie but they did shoot the Cosmopolitan cover together, and how they do share mutual friends. They also discussed their dogs along with other things you can watch the videos below, enjoy!

I’ve also added photos from Nina’s appearance to the gallery so be sure to check those out she looked amazing.



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Magazines ♦ August 02, 2018

September Issue

The September Issue of Cosmopolitan is officially available for Digital Download today so grab your phones, kindles or whatever device you use and download it asap and show your support and of course when it hit’s newsstands grab a copy let’s blow this edition up!

I have added a preview but please purchase a copy to read more you can do so on your phone for 1.99 or wait until August 8th when it hit’s newsstands.

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