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Nina News ♦ February 26, 2017

Nina was confirmed all the way back in November 2016 to be guest starring in an episode of Workaholics, but there was no details about her character or specific episode until very recently. Nina will be appearing in a guest starring role on the eighth episode of the seventh and final season of Comedy Central’s Workaholics. The episode title is confirmed to be Termidate as a character named Courtnee with an air date set for Wednesday, March 1st 2017.

Workaholics stars Blake Anderson, Adam Devine (who previously starred as Kurt in the horror comedy film The Final Girls with Nina), Anders Holm, Maribeth Monroe and more besides in a comedy revolving around three friends who are constantly together as they work as telemarketers from 9am until 5pm, then live together from 5pm until 9am.

Nina posted on social media that she really appreciates being able to be part of Workaholics before the final season ended accompanied by a picture of her with the cast at

“If you know me, you know I don’t take myself seriously. I’ll do anything for a laugh. Including get puked on. Which I did. Get puked on. During the filming of #WORKAHOLICS. It wasn’t pleasant but my god, it was f*-^ing funny. This episode was SO FUN to shoot and I love these goofballs. So bummed that this season, after 7 years, will be the final one, but I am honored that I got the chance to be a small part of it before it ended. Congratulations on 7 hilarious seasons Boys, looking forward to seeing what you all do next! Cheers, now let’s have some beers!”

Nina even pranked her Workaholics and The Final Girls co-star Adam Devine in a video posted on Twitter at accompanied with the caption, “No coffee? No problem. I’ll help wake you up. Or stop your heart. It’s a 50/50 chance @AdamDevine #WORKAHOLICS #NeverTooEarlyForAGoodScare”

Nina’s guest starring role in Workaholics airing on Wednesday, March 1st 2017 is a prelude to her return as Elena Gilbert and Katherine Pierce in the finale of The Vampire Diaries which airs on Friday, March 10th 2017.

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