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Nina News ♦ September 23, 2010

I love to work on things a little early the other day I put together the details for the First Christmas Project and Birthday Project we will be doing , the scrapbook project turned out so amazing I have no doubt that these two will as well!

For Details on the Christmas Project please visit the Page I set up for it, you can also click the link on the side at anytime when your ready to contribute towards it.

For Details on the Birthday Project be sure to visit the Page to check that all out, I hope you all consider in participating, lets make this the best for Nina!

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6 Comments to "Christmas & Birthday Project for Nina"
  1. NinaDobrevSRB says:

    RT @nina_network: [Nina Dobrev Network] Christmas & Birthday Project for Nina

  2. Alow8111 says:

    @nina_network can i do a pic holding up a bday sign instead of a video??

  3. Alow8111 says:

    @nina_network sweet! 🙂

  4. nina_network says:

    [Nina Dobrev Network] Christmas & Birthday Project for Nina

  5. nina_network says:

    @Alow8111 oh yeah! 😀 good idea, 😉 will add that to the details for those who might want to do that instead