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Nina Supports ♦ March 31, 2019

A little about The Kevin Richardson Foundation

The Kevin Richardson Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation with nature’s most majestic creature, the lion, at its heart. Launched in early 2018 the foundation is committed to changing and reversing the state of Africa’s declining lion population by purchasing habitat and raising awareness to create safe, natural spaces where lions and other native species can flourish. By partnering with specialised organisations and engaging with impoverished communities on the fringes of these protected areas, the foundation also aims to minimise human/wildlife conflict whilst improving living conditions for local villages. Source The Kevin Richardson Foundation Website
Nina has took to her platform to raise awareness about these beautiful and majestic creatures so if you have a moment head on over to Nina’s Instagram and check out her video that she made along with her post.  If you have the means head on over to The Kevin Richardson Foundation and donate today you and even if you are unable to donate still head over there read about it and share the information because one share can go along way.

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