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Nina News, Site News ♦ July 31, 2010

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Interviews, Nina News ♦ July 25, 2010

Forget Team Edward or Team What’s-His-Name, the fierce battle now brewing on Vampire Diaries day at Comic-Con is Damon versus Stefan…And Elena versus Katherine.

So is there any chance that Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev will be locking lips again in the new season—after that scorchingly hot kiss in the season one ender? We just chatted with the stars themselves and here’s what they say about the new season:

Which Salvatore brother are you rooting for at this point for Elena to be with?
Defan! Their undisovered brother who is the perfect mix between the two.

Will you be kissing Ian again this season?
I will be kissing at least one Salvatore brother this season.

What’s up with Katherine coming back?
Last season I got to do it very little. I mostly played Elena and we teased to Katherine a little bit, but this year there’s gonna be a lot more Katherine. She’s back and she’s wreaking havoc and she’s up to no good. So it’s gonna be fun to kind of step into Damon’s shoes a little bit and play with them and mess with everyone’s minds.

How are you differentiating between Katherine and Elena as far as appearance?
Between the wardrobe stylist and the creators, we all kind of collaborate, but I’m very outspoken about the way I want Elena and Katherine to look and the fact that I want them to look differently. And one of the main things for example is Elena is a flared jean girl and Katherine is a skinny jeans and heels kind of girl. There’s little subtle things that create a different vision visually. They have to look different as much as they look the same. Read More at E! Online

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Nina News ♦ July 24, 2010

Vampire Diaries‘ sexy leading lady Nina Dobrev has a confession: “I actually auditioned for Glee.”

The 21-year-old star gushed to at the Warner Bros. party on Friday night about her love of Glee — and revealed that she went through the first-round auditions for the Emmy nominated series. We’ll never quite know which role she might’ve been up for as it was too early in the creative process and characters hadn’t been sorted out yet. Continue Reading More

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Nina News ♦ July 21, 2010

Don’t Forget about the Scrapbook Project for Nina due on August 25th , you can pretty much do anything you’d like or just a simple message to Nina is fine, which if you’d like you can leave in the comments on this post!

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Nina News ♦ July 15, 2010

Head on over to Jim Halterman and cast your vote for Nina  for Top 10 Hottest Primetime Babes!

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