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Gallery, Nina News ♦ October 29, 2016

I spent sometime updating the gallery the other day, I finally have sometime to post about it, check out Nina’s latest appearances in the gallery.


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Nina News, Vampire Diaries ♦ May 14, 2016

Exactly one year after bidding The Vampire Diaries a fond farewell, Nina Dobrev returned for Friday’s hectic season finale — or, at least, her voice did.

Unlike the time we saw Elena earlier this season — when old footage was recycled for the scene in which Damon thought he burned her sleeping body — Dobrev recorded new material for this week’s episode, in which the mysterious villain of the vault enticed Damon with his girlfriend’s voice.

“In this particular case, she came in and did the ADR, [short for automated dialogue replacement],” executive producer Julie Plec tells TVLine. “I reached out and said, ‘We can either cobble it together from a bunch of episodes, or you can come in and see everybody and do ADR. She chose to do it in person, which was great, because it was a nice little personal Nina visit.”

As for when we might see Dobrev as Elena again, Plec says she’s sticking with her original plan of having her return for the series finale — whenever that may be.

“It’s what she and I kind of agreed on when she decided to move on, and it’s what I’ve got in my head,” Plec says. “Obviously things can change throughout time, if the show goes on longer than we expect it to, or if we all collectively decide it would be fun to bring her back earlier, and she wanted to. But in my opinion, she was very clear about what she wanted the next step in her life to be, and she’s doing a great job of achieving that. So I’m sticking with my side of the plan, which is to bring her back at the very end.”

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Appearances, Gallery, Nina News ♦ January 11, 2016

Nina looked absolutely gorgeous last night at the InStyle and Warner Bros 73rd Annual Golden Globe Awards Post-Party, I’ve added photos to the gallery so check them out.


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Nina News ♦ January 10, 2016

Looks like Nina will be attending some Golden Globes Festivities the after parties that is, check out a look at her gorgeous hair style and she looks amazing. Hair done by the amazing RiawnaCapri

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Gallery, Media, Nina News ♦ January 10, 2016

Nina celebrated her 27th Birthday yesterday by having an Emoji Themed Birthday Party, what a very unique and creative fun idea. Check out a few photos and some videos behind the cut!

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