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Interviews, Media ♦ August 07, 2018

Nina opens up with Access about bonding with Vanessa Hudgens, she also talks about Dog Days and more check out the video below.

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Appearances, Media ♦ August 06, 2018

TV Appearances for Nina!

Nina is making a few TV Appearances this week promoting her upcoming movie Dog Days out August 8th, be sure to Set your DVR for the following shows:


Live with Kelly & Ryan 9am PST

The Late Show with Stephan Colbert 11:35/10:35c





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Interviews, Media ♦ August 06, 2018

Ruby Rose interviews Nina Dobrev

Ruby Rose interviews one of her close friends Nina for and how they hit it off instantly on the set of xXx, I am sure you all remember all the pranks these two played on one another.

I remember you told me that you would paint your nails every color the second that you finished for that season.

Yes, I did. Because like you said, I have to always have sort of basic simple nails on the show, and on Friday night, I would go get my nails done, and it was my way of feeling like I was different. But with every role that we do, it empowers us to be different people. That’s why for the film Lucky Day, I chopped my hair off again and did the bangs and the short French bob. Your outside does reflect your inside in many ways.

Okay, so your skin is ridiculous, and I’m so jealous of how perfectly flawless it is. It never seems to have any issues, which is so annoying. What kind of products do you use?

That is not true, and you know it. It’s gonna be laughable to everyone who reads this because you have the most beautiful skin in the entire world. I should be asking these questions of you. But I mean, we are constantly wearing makeup for work, so when I’m not working, I try not to wear makeup. And that helps a little bit. But otherwise, we all break out; we all have bad days. I use La Mer a lot. I use a lot of sunscreen too. That’s so important. Continue Reading



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Dog Days, Interviews, Media ♦ August 05, 2018

Nina and Tone Bell

Nina and Tone discuss the movie, maverick and their favorite Dog Movie in this interview with Jimmy Martin check it out below.



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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 05, 2018

Set Interviews

Nina dishes on her character, her love for her dog and so much more in this on set interview below from her upcoming movie Dog Days.

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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 03, 2018


Vanessa and Nina discuss on how their dogs help them flirt watch below to find out all the details!

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Dog Days, Media ♦ August 03, 2018

Miami News 7

Nina and Vanessa were very busy yesterday making their rounds, they stopped by Miami News 7 to dish out more details about Dog Days, watch the video below.

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