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Media ♦ March 23, 2019

Particular Taste is certainly gaining much attention, check out a pretty amazing article on featuring Kyle Hanagami which also features Nina and I’ve added a snippet below so check it out.

Actress Nina Dobrev experienced Hanagami’s relatable method when the two worked together last summer, filming a sassy routine to Shawn Mendes’ album cut “Particular Taste,” which he released on March 14. Though she doesn’t have a lot of dance background herself, Dobrev — who met Hanagami through best friend dancer Julianne Hough — says Hanagami instantly made her feel comfortable doing the moves he’d designed for her.

“He [has] a warm energy that’s very inviting,” adds Dobrev, who was inspired to work with Hanagami after seeing his emotional video for Sam Smith’s “Him.” “His perspective is so fresh, unique and innovative. It’s almost futuristic.”

“Particular Taste” is Hanagami’s third Shawn Mendes dance video. He looks for songs that have a tangibility to them, explaining that “Particular Taste” has a quirky feel that fit Dobrev’s charismatic vibe. Continue Reading


Particular Taste has already reached nearly 2 million views on Youtube how amazing is that? If you have yet to check it out watch it below and let us know what you think!

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