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Magazines ♦ March 19, 2019

Nina is the March/April Cover Girl of CBS Watch! Magazine and she looks absolutely gorgeous. Nina mentioned to ET! how it was a special treat because she got to wear awesome designers and high-glam outfits.  You can also head over to ET  for an exclusive behind the scenes video of Nina on the set of her shoot with CBS Watch Magazine. Head over to Watch Magazine to purchase.

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Magazines ♦ March 08, 2019

Nina is featured in the March-April Issue of WATCH! Magazine in The Powerful Women of CBS Feature and she looks absolutely gorgeous in the shot that was released don’t you all agree? You can head over to watch and subscribe now.

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Magazines, Nina News ♦ December 19, 2018

“I need to sweat every single day somehow, even if it’s just in the steam room,” she says.

Nina opens up to Women’s Health about her workouts, Fam, and so much more head on over to Women’s Health to read more of the article.

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Studio Photoshoots – Professional Photos – 2018 – Session 05

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Magazines ♦ August 02, 2018

September Issue

The September Issue of Cosmopolitan is officially available for Digital Download today so grab your phones, kindles or whatever device you use and download it asap and show your support and of course when it hit’s newsstands grab a copy let’s blow this edition up!

I have added a preview but please purchase a copy to read more you can do so on your phone for 1.99 or wait until August 8th when it hit’s newsstands.

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Magazines ♦ August 01, 2018


Nina shares her daredevil side with readers at Cosmopolitan Magazine :

Nina on her daredevil side:

“I am attracted to doing scary things. I might have a slight addiction to firsts. When you’ve never done something before, you don’t know what to expect. It’s the fear of the unknown. It keeps you on your toes.”

Nina and Vanessa on if they’ve had any #MeToo encounters:

Nina: “Like any woman in every industry, yes. Comments have been made. People have said things that are inappropriate. I’ve been able to handle myself and speak up for the most part. But I have seen a lot.”

Vanessa: “I have been very fortunate not to have had any direct run-ins, but I’ve seen it happen. I’m grateful that we’re living in an age when women are finally heard.”

Read more at Cosmopolitan and Pick up the September Issue August 8th on newsstands.


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Magazines ♦ August 01, 2018

Cover Girls

Cover Girls Anyone? Yesterday there was a little confusion going on about the Cosmopolitan Cover when we saw that Nina was on the Cover and we also saw another cover that featured Vanessa turns out there will be two covers, thanks to nina confirming on her instagram.

It’s been pretty exciting news and we really can’t wait to get ours.

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