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Interviews, Nina News, Vampire Diaries ♦ April 02, 2011

Carina from Zap2It Just put up Part 1 of her Interview with Nina and it’s pretty awesome so far and Nina looks absolutely gorgeous in it as well so check it out!


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Interviews, Magazines, Media ♦ March 25, 2011

TV Guide Magazine just released a really cute video of Nina & Candice from their TV Guide Shoot they did during The CW TCA check it out so freaking cute they both know how to Work It!

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Gallery, Interviews, Magazines ♦ March 09, 2011

Be sure to Pick up your copy of Teen Vogue with Nina on the Cover , she is April’s Cover girl just a reminder but I’m sure you all don’t need one! I know it doesn’t go on sale until Next Week but it’s already out at one of my local stores so I had to pick up my copy. I’ve added scans to the gallery so be sure to check them out, and hope you all enjoy!

Gallery Link:

– Magazine Scans > 2011 > Teen Vogue April 2011

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Interviews, Magazines ♦ March 07, 2011

Finally what we have been waiting for since we saw that Nina was going to be the Cover Girl for April’s Issue of Teen Vogue check out some of the interview and read the rest over at Teen Vogue , I’ve also added photos from her photoshoot with the Magazine she looks gorgeous as always!

Let’s just get this comparison out of the way: Nina Dobrev is the anti-Bella. Coming to greet me on the Atlanta set of The Vampire Diaries—the CW’s take on pop culture’s trendiest figures of folklore—she’s unguarded and unself-conscious, all smiles and hugs. Her trailer vibes of a teenager’s bedroom: Fashion magazines, stuffed animals, and shoeboxes fill floor space and various corners. There’s a half-drunk bottle of kombucha on the desk, a corkboard of photos of cast-mates and friends, and notes to herself scrawled on a chalkboard-painted wall (“pay bills,” reads one).

Then, suddenly: “Oh my god, I’m so embarrassed.” Our eyes land on a cheesy male pinup calendar hanging near the door. She runs to it immediately, nervously tearing it from the wall. “For my twenty-first birthday! It was a joke gift! Please don’t judge!”

As in her day job playing dueling roles as responsible high-schooler Elena and centuries-old vampire Katherine, Nina, 22, hovers somewhere between distracted teenager and fully realized adult. First purchases for her new condo, for example, included a fondue set and a popcorn maker, while her mattress is still on the floor. In very vampiric fashion, she doesn’t get much sleep. “By the time I get home, memorize the next day’s work, brush my teeth, remove all the makeup, and shower to get the blood off . . .” she says, counting on her fingers. “And then I have to be back at work in seven hours. I can only do so much.” Continue Reading

This Issue will be on Stands MARCH 15 so BE SURE TO PICK UP YOUR COPY!

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Interviews ♦ March 03, 2011

Thanks to Vampire Diaries Online for the heads up here is a New Interview with Nina!

When you originally tried out for “Vampire Diaries” did you audition for Katherine as well as Elena, or was it a surprise that you were playing a double role?
When I first auditioned, I worked really hard and crossed my fingers that I would get the part of Elena. I had no idea I would also be playing Katherine. Much later Katherine was introduced into the script through the flashbacks and I found out I was both Elena and Katherine. It raised the stakes and changed the opportunity from just the role of a girl next door to two very conflicting and different challenges.

You do such a great job of playing two distinctive characters.  How do you approach each role? What drives each character?
It’s not always easy for sure, but it keeps me engaged and keeps me challenged. The clothes, accessories, hair, and all those seemingly superficial details really help me transition and embrace whichever role I’m playing. For example, if I’m rocking a pair of Converse I can sink into Elena, but if I’m wearing some edgy boots, I naturally begin not only walking but I also feel like Katherine. I think the motivation behind both characters is very different. For Elena it’s the people she cares about. She would do anything for her friends and family. For Katherine, it’s self-preservation. Really, she’s just looking out for herself and only herself. Continue Reading at Fan Cast

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Interviews, Vampire Diaries ♦ January 27, 2011

Thanks to for the heads up here is another Interview today featuring Nina and Candice is in this one , so check it out!

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